Industrial Chemicals & Raw Materials

The business unit supplies natural and synthetic raw materials like base chemicals, solvents, fine chemicals, extracts, active ingredients, additives, resins and polymers and many more. They are used in personal care,home care, cleaning, perfumes & fragrances, cosmetics as well as in cosmetic products but also in agro chemicals, coatings, adhesives and polymers. For timely supply, we use a number of warehouses in different locations.

Detergent chemiclas

Detergent, household & laundry

Bactericides & Disinfectants

Antibacterial, antiseptic & anti-fungal

Acid Dyes

Bath gel, hand wash & detergents

Essential Oils

Skin, hair-care & soap

Fragrance Oils

Soap, cosmetics & laundry

Optical Brightener

Personal care & detergent

Industrial Chemicals

Chemicals, additives & ingredients


Cosmetic, skin & health care

Pertrolium Jelly

Lotions, creams & hand cleaners